An Excellent Kitchen Knife Set Companion

I recently started cooking – simple meals – steaks, chops, vegetable medleys, etc. After several months of chopping – and chopping…I learned that the way I cut vegetables is important…but equally or more important is with what I cut vegetables – namely, the best knife set I use.

Months ago, I thought a knife was a knife was a knife…not so much as it turns out. Keeping technical details to a minimum, the kinds (and brands) of knives you choose for your culinary adventures is critical – once I figured this out, it was a whole new ballgame.

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A Shun Chef Knife Set

I landed on a Shun Chef Knife Set following extensive reviews with a couple of buddies in the cooking world. While it was certainly not a small investment (Shun Chef Knife Sets – can run well over $1,000) – I now have the following in my small-ish knife collection: a Chef Knife, a Utility Knife, a Bread Knife, and Paring Knives.

Beautiful Shun Blades

Their razor sharp edges (which are proving to be quite long lasting between sharpening sessions), beautiful styling, and comfortable feel – I feel I found a set that will last me for years.

No matter if you are an expert chef, or just a kitchen enthusiast who loves to do some experiments in the kitchen, having a versatile, easy to use, sharp, and good quality chef knife is a necessity. Rather than having a set of garbage knives, I believe that spending your money on a decent all-purpose knife is of optimum significance.

I have been looking for a knife that is able to handle all my slicing, chopping, and cutting necessities effectively, until I read shun knife ratings and then the unspeakable happened. That magnificent monster of a knife caught my heart. Those who used this knife say that they become very used to it that they cannot do without it again. It also looks great. Aside from that, what I love about this knife is that it is wickedly sharp with the capability of slicing its way through about everything in the kitchen.

In the shun knife ratings, it has been included in the top quality all-purpose knife, which ranks among the best available knives in the market when it comes to both the functionality and aesthetis. This knife is made of soft stainless steel of several layers with a solid core made of carbon steel. Thus, I got a knife strong enough and has sharpness just like a razor. It gave me a clean cut and because of its Damascus style blade, the food I cut has not been sticking to the balde which is an exceptional perk.

While researching this chef knife, I noticed many complaints regarding particles and debris that get accumulated in the hammered surface, which makes it quite hard to clean. However, I believe that it is a common problem in all hammered knives. I highly recommend this knife not only for professional chefs, but also for moms and homeowners who love cooking.

That’s just my take on this special Chef’s blade, you’ll never know until you try for it yourself.

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Chef Knives

Best Japanese Chef Knife

Some people like fish but I love fish and it’s for this reason that chose to look for the best Japanese chef knife. You may be wondering why, right? Well, we all know that the Japenese are known for their delicate knife work on food especially when making sushi and sashimi. As such, they customized their knives to handle fish filleting, some slicing and of course, dicing.

Cut to pieces

What I love about the Japanese chef knife is the fact that they allow for precise cuts. Although not everybody will agree that they are comfortable to hold, I am of a different school of thought. My take? What the Japanese chef knife lacks in design, it makes up for sharpness and durability. I love my shun knives and if you love fish as I do then you too would. The brand is up to you. If you find time, read about the best chef knives and get yourself one today.

Best Japanese Chef Knife

Shun TDM0771-kiritsuke and with this type be rest assured you have made a great choice. It is a beautiful sharp knife made of strong steel that can stand the test of time, so you will never worry about spending on any knife soon. The finish makes is stand head and shoulder high above the rest enhancing visual appeal. What I like most is the16-degree knife blade that it offers users and can be used for most if not all,kitchen tasks. A strong handle made of pakkwood is definitely a plus-no replacing handles every now and then!

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Chef Knives | Slicing Up A Storm

Top Four Best Knives for Chefs

Chefs require an ideal arrangement of blades. Knives blades can cost you time in the work put and surprisingly more terrible, and they can influence your performances. Therefore, you require the best chef knives and below are the best four knives for a perfect output.

Shun Ken Onion 7-Piece Knife Set

This is a superb seven piece set still of an amazingly high expert quality. There’s no point paying for blades you don’t utilize so this could be the best alternative for a few. Ken Onion is a razor sharp Shun classic stainless steel cutting edges Knives which are intended to decrease weariness with their Damascus style swells. A truly incredible set which doesn’t cost as much as the others yet are unquestionably still adequate for skilled culinary specialists.

Henckels Pro S Stainless Steel 21 Piece Knife Set

Henckels make astounding and always top notch blades, and this set is no particular case. It is essential for individual inclination and what precisely you require. The cutting edges are four ice solidified and developed from high carbon stainless steel. The cutting edges idealize geometry, enhanced sharp edge dependability, high accuracy, and an extraordinary front line maintenance.

Wusthof Classic 26 Piece Knife Set

This is a huge arrangement of blades customary three bolts blades from Wusthof. Wusthof are known for making the best sets accessible, and if cost is not a factor, then these will be great. They are truly extraordinary compared to other sets which are available and won’t let experts down. They will cover practically every cooking circumstance possible. They highlight laser tried edges for uniform cutting; this likewise makes a durable edge.

Worldwide G-888/91ST – 9 Piece Knife Set

The edges are thin and well sharpened sharp; they’re produced using CROMOVA stainless steel stainless steel, not at all like different blades on this page. They are light weight and feel good in the hand while having a no slip hold. They’re so excellent and reliable that you’re practically sure not to have to purchase another set. It is a stunning set. Naturally, the correct size to have all that you need and blades which won’t simply let you down, but rather surpass your desires.

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Wow! These chef knives were amazingly sharp

Pots and pans are not the only cookware in your kitchen. Spoons, cutting board, and even knives are considered cookware. This being said it is equally important to own a quality knife. There are numerous knife makers in the world. Some well-known for creating exceptionally long lasting sharp blades ready to cut through anything you cook up in your kitchen.

best chef knives

Unfortunately, not everyone can afford to spend hundreds of dollars on expensive knives. Especially if you aren’t a professional chef/cook buying a hundred-dollar knife is not necessary for your everyday cooking. The problem, however, is cheaper knives tend to not last as long and dull even faster. So how can you find and purchase quality knives?

Well, of course you’ll need to know what are the best chef knives on the market after reading this article.

Victorinox 40520 Chef Knife

Victorinox is a knife brand that is actually very well known in the world of luxury knives. But similarly, to other large companies, this model is from a budget range line. More affordable for the everyday cook. The Victorinox 40520 is an 8-inch chef’s knife. This knife will suit a number of user’s due to its size. This is a stamped knife therefore sharpening will not be necessary for quite some time. Stamped knives are also known to be quite light weight benefit for many users.

Henckels Twin Four Star Chef Knife

Another known favorite brand this knife though not under $50 is well under the $100 mark making it great for the household and even chefs in training. A German brand knife it goes well besides some of the best blades in the world. It handles though odd in shape has been said to be non-slip.
Again at 8 inches this knife is very well suited for many chefs/cooks alike and is a great second choice to the Wusthof knives.
Though these two choices are individual knives they can be used for a variety of tasks. All need is for the knife to be sharp enough and for the user to have a basic knowledge of how it is done. If, however, you feel that having one knife only is not good enough for you, it is recommended that users also purchase a paring knife to go along with their chef’s knife.

Victorinox 3.2-inch paring knife

Certainly, you’re not surprised to see this brand again on his list. Victorinox not only makes great chef knives but great pairing knives as well. The benefit to this particular one is that you get the quality that Victorinox is known for less than $10. Paring knives are great for those smaller tasks you may have in the kitchen.

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What are the top juicer to buy and worth to invest

Buying a juicer machine which fits your dieting habits and budget might become a difficult task if you are not aware about the best available products. To help you in this regard, I have created this article by which you can select what’s a top juicer to buy (for different budgets).

Top of the line models

top juicer to buy

On the top of our list for the ultimate quality juicer machines, I have reviewed the performance of Omega J8006 Nutrition Center and got amazed to read about its high-end specifications. Along with the additional functions and parameters, the machine is quite simple to use and yields fast results. So, if you are in search of a reliable yet efficient juicing machine, Omega J8006 will surely prove to be your ultimate selection. Being a masticating juicer, the powerful motor has the abilities to extract maximum enzymes, vitamins and nutrients with its low operating speed of 80 RPM’s. Furthermore, the dual stage juicing system prevents the formation of foam and clogging.

There is no need for any sort of assistance to operate the machine to obtain fresh juice. All of the parts are easy to assemble, clean and store. Unlike other similar high budget products, you need not to worry about caring and protection of the machinery as it now comes with an additional warranty of 15 years. Not only fruits and leafy greens, this masticating juicer can also mix butter nuts, pasta and mince herbs. Furthermore, the extract obtained from this juicer can be stored for up to 3 days without effecting its nutrients and nutrients.

top juicer

Coming over to the best buy in terms of low budget purchases, there is obviously no match for the Breville BJE200XL Compact Juice Fountain. I have found this product more attractive and decent as compared to other products of the similar kind. People who do not like to spend much amount on kitchen appliances can avail best benefit by purchasing this amazing masticating juicer. With easy to store and clean, this juicing machine is absolutely simple to operate for everybody. The greatest benefit of Breville BJE200XL is that its outer structure is made out of stainless steel which is supposed to last for years to come.


If you are a person who is too lazy to cut and chop fruits before extraction, the 3” circular feed tube can help you greatly. It can process fruits as a whole and yield 100 percent fresh extract which can be stored for up to 2 days. So, if you are planning to buy yourself a reliable and low cost masticating juicer, Breville BJE200XL can prove to be your best choice.

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The Essential Pan To Buy

Whether you are a workaholic or college student, you should always invest in a good frying pan. Certainly invest in a stainless steel frying pan as it is very durable and it can also be exposed up to 600˚F in the oven. The pan that I use at home is the All-Clad Tri-Ply 10-Inch Frying Pan. The one feature that I absolutely love about this pan is the stainless steel lid. It’s great for locking in flavours to the food. This pan also comes in a 12-Inch.

I bought this cookware over five years ago and it’s intact. The handles are not loose at all. The one thing that I have to say about this cookware is that it certainly helps me stay confident in the kitchen. I feel that the even heating of this cookware has really bring out the flavours of my dishes. Of course, you have really take care of this cookware to maintain it so I give it a rating of 4.8 out of 5.

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