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October 20, 2017

I recently started cooking – simple meals – steaks, chops, vegetable medleys, etc. After several months of chopping – and chopping…I learned that the way I cut vegetables is important…but equally or more important is with what I cut vegetables – namely, the best knife set I use.

Months ago, I thought a knife was a knife was a knife…not so much as it turns out. Keeping technical details to a minimum, the kinds (and brands) of knives you choose for your culinary adventures is critical – once I figured this out, it was a whole new ballgame.

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A Shun Chef Knife Set

I landed on a Shun Chef Knife Set following extensive reviews with a couple of buddies in the cooking world. While it was certainly not a small investment (Shun Chef Knife Sets – can run well over $1,000) – I now have the following in my small-ish knife collection: a Chef Knife, a Utility Knife, a Bread Knife, and Paring Knives.

Beautiful Shun Blades

Their razor sharp edges (which are proving to be quite long lasting between sharpening sessions), beautiful styling, and comfortable feel – I feel I found a set that will last me for years.

No matter if you are an expert chef, or just a kitchen enthusiast who loves to do some experiments in the kitchen, having a versatile, easy to use, sharp, and good quality chef knife is a necessity. Rather than having a set of garbage knives, I believe that spending your money on a decent all-purpose knife is of optimum significance.

I have been looking for a knife that is able to handle all my slicing, chopping, and cutting necessities effectively, until I read shun knife ratings and then the unspeakable happened. That magnificent monster of a knife caught my heart. Those who used this knife say that they become very used to it that they cannot do without it again. It also looks great. Aside from that, what I love about this knife is that it is wickedly sharp with the capability of slicing its way through about everything in the kitchen.

In the shun knife ratings, it has been included in the top quality all-purpose knife, which ranks among the best available knives in the market when it comes to both the functionality and aesthetis. This knife is made of soft stainless steel of several layers with a solid core made of carbon steel. Thus, I got a knife strong enough and has sharpness just like a razor. It gave me a clean cut and because of its Damascus style blade, the food I cut has not been sticking to the balde which is an exceptional perk.

While researching this chef knife, I noticed many complaints regarding particles and debris that get accumulated in the hammered surface, which makes it quite hard to clean. However, I believe that it is a common problem in all hammered knives. I highly recommend this knife not only for professional chefs, but also for moms and homeowners who love cooking.

That’s just my take on this special Chef’s blade, you’ll never know until you try for it yourself.

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